Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm. We meet in RI Hospital PDR 1-3 or 4-5, which are located just off the cafeteria, next to the cash registers. The specific room will be listed on the Calendar of events page.

Agendas generally include:

•     A review of recent events.

•     Discussion of upcoming events.

•     Potential opportunities for future events.

Meetings and Events are also always posted on our MeetUp page. You can follow us on MeetUp by clicking here.

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RIODAC General Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2016   6:00pm

East Providence Weaver Library Conference Room



  1. Russell Maynard, President, had all attendees introduce themselves as we had new volunteers present.
  2. Russell Maynard, President, stated that RIODAC will be staffing an informational table during a fund raiser for David Soares, a gentleman awaiting a kidney transplant. The event will take place at the 1150 Oak Grill on Saturday Feb 28th at 9pm. Lisa Pappas, Vice President, reported that she knows the band providing entertainment for the event and that it is expected to be well-attended. Russell also stated that he and his wife, as well as Scott Dauphinee, have committed to being at this event.
  3. Russell Maynard, President, reminded everyone about the URI Wellness Fair on Wed March 2nd at 10:30am. Keith Bloomer is the point person for the event and will be at the booth. He is also looking for more volunteers to help.
  4. Russell Maynard, President, reported that Fellow volunteer, Scott, has requested a table at a fund raiser in memory of his nephew who passed away after receiving a liver transplant. This event will be held at the Comedy Connection on Sunday March 6th at noon. Danielle Keegan and Allison Lindgren both volunteered to be there.
  5. Russell Maynard, President, reported that a table at the South County Farmer’s Market has been confirmed for Saturday March 19th. Jennifer Hoffer, Secretary is hoping to attend and asked for volunteers to contact her if they are able to help.
  6. Russell Maynard, President, reported that the date for the Donate Life Proclamation at the RI State House has been set for Tuesday April 5th. Jennifer Cray, NEOB Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with the time and exact location. Jean Barry, Member, explained the proclamation event for the new members. Russell also reported that the awards ceremony for the high school poster contest was planned to be held at this event.
  7. Russell Maynard, President, reported that National Blue and Green day is on Friday April 15th this year and reminded everyone to show their Donate Life colors on that day.
  8. Russell Maynard, President, reported that the Live Life Walk is on Sunday May 15th. RIODAC volunteers will help to staff a table in the vendor area and anyone wishing to walk should contact Jennifer Cray, NEOB Volunteer Coordinator.
  9. Lisa Pappas, Vice President, reported that the RI Air Show is set for Friday through Sunday June 10-12th. She went on to describe the event and Board Member, Chris McLaughlin’s involvement in the event. Michelle Bennett, Member, reminded everyone that these dates conflict with the Transplant Games of America which will lead to some of the regular attendees not being able to attend the Air Show.
  10. Elaine Raposa, Member, reported she has submitted an application for RIODAC to have a table during the Concerts on the Common in Bristol on Wed June 22nd and Friday July 1th. She will be notified on June 1st if we will be allowed to set our table up on these dates and will keep everyone up to date.
  11. Eugene Raposa, Treasurer, reported that a Surface Pro has been purchased for volunteers to take to events in order to register new donors, as well as a new laptop for secretarial purposes. He further reported that Jennifer Hoffer, Secretary was in the process of researching the most economical way to purchase a new phone that could act as a hot spot for events where Wi-Fi is unavailable.
  12. Jennifer Hoffer, Secretary, reported that meeting minutes are now being mailed out to all members and volunteers within the week of each meeting in an attempt to keep everyone up to date even if they are unable to attend a meeting. She also stated that the minutes would be posted to the website on the same day they are mailed out.
  13. Russell Maynard, President, asked that everyone keep an eye out in their local areas and with their personal contacts for events that RIODAC could attend.
  14. Russell Maynard, President, reminded everyone that the meeting types and schedule has changed. The Meeting on March 16th will be a Social meeting held at Doherty’s Ale House. It was pointed out that the address listed on the agenda is incorrect and the correct address is 30 Jefferson Blvd in Warwick. Russell also reminded everyone that the next General Business meeting will be held on Wednesday May 18th and the location is still to be determined.
  15. Michelle Bennett, Member, reported that she and Allison Lindgren, Member, will be serving as judges for the high school poster contest along with the director of the RI DMV, and Nancy McNamara from the Transplant Program at Rhode Island Hospital. The winners will be notified and awards will be presented at the State House during the Donate Life Proclamation event.
  16. Russell Maynard, President, reinforced that the March meeting will be held on Wednesday March 16th at 6:00pm at Doherty’s Ale House and that it will be a social meeting. He also expressed regret that he will not be able to attend that meeting due to having knee surgery scheduled for the week before.
  17. The meeting was adjourned at 7:29pm.