Register As A Donor

Organ transplants save thousands of lives each year. 

However, there are still hundreds more in Rhode Island and over 120, 940 across the nation who are in need of transplants. The reason for the shortage is that many people do not properly declare their wishes to donate. 

To become an organ and/or tissue donor you should:

1. When obtaining/renewing yourRhode Island driver’s license or ID card tell the DMV operator you would like to register yourself as a donor. A heart will appear on the front of your license or ID card, and your designation will be included in the Department of Motor Vehicle registry database. Don't forget to add the designation each time you renew!

2. You should tell your family about your decision so they understand your wishes. If there is no designation on your driver’s license or other legal means of donor designation, the final decision about organ and tissue donation will be made by your family. Your wishes can also be made through advance directives and living wills.

3. Register online as an organ and tissue donor!!!

Join The Donor Registry Online

The New England online donor registry offers a way to securely and confidentially register as an organ and tissue donor so you can join over 86 million Americans who have already made the decision to Donate Life!

Not a resident of New England, but want to register as a donor?  Go to to find out how to register in your state.

Register today by clicking the image above!