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Ashley R. Donor Mom of Evan

My son Evan was born July 18, 2003. He was a bubbly, outgoing, and compassionate 6 year-old. Evan was a loving and protective big brother, who was never without his sidekick, Brayden. Our days were often hectic, but I was blessed to have two boys who loved each other more than anything. Then on August 20, 2009 I received a call at work that would forever change our world. Evan and his dad were involved in an auto accident on their way to Six Flags to celebrate Evan’s sixth birthday.

After four days of being in the pediatric intensive care unit, Evan succumbed to his head injury. As we sat in the meeting with his doctors they asked if we would like to make him a donor. My immediate “yes” has forever changed our lives, and the lives of so many others.

The decision I made that day was the best and easiest decision I have ever had to make as a mother. Knowing Evan was going to help others brought us comfort in those first few days. Weeks later we received a letter from the after care team at NEOB letting us know seven other families were touched. I have received a few letters from recipients thanking us for our decision, our gift. But the thought of Evan’s heart beating in a little girl, and his soulful eyes giving sight to two others, and others being able to continue living their lives is our gift. I have had opportunities in the past three years to share Evan’s story and it is my hope that is will encourage others to register to be organ and tissue donors.

– Ashley R.

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