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Harry B. Kidney Recipient

Hi, my name is Harry and I am 41 years old. I was born August 7th 1973 three months premature. With my early birth came numerous medical issues which included the underdevelopment of the ureters which contributed to bladder reflux and my initial kidney failure. I underwent 3 kidney revision and bladder reconstruction surgeries by age 11 to correct these issues.

After overcoming these obstacles I enjoyed 13 years free of health issues. During this time I enjoyed playing sports especially basketball, tennis and baseball. Between late 1996 and mid 1997 I began to feel weak and sick due to my ongoing kidney issues. I began kidney dialysis August 20th of 1997. Shortly after starting dialysis, my nephrologist, family, and new found friends tried to encourage me to begin the work up for my transplant. I pondered this decision for a bit, even after seeing my good friend Greg go through his first transplant on October 2nd of 1997. Eventually the reality of going to dialysis for the rest of my life set in and I inevitably began the work up for my kidney transplant in early 1998. I continued my regimen of three dialysis treatments weekly, each treatment lasting three to three and a half hours, for another estimated sixteen months before receiving my new kidney Christmas day of 1999.

– Harry B.

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