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Lisa P. Kidney Recipient

My story started when I was 4 and I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Over the years of wear and tear on my body I developed the signs of kidney failure and in 2005, I was worked up for my first transplant. I was fortunate to have special people in my life who were tested to see if they could donate a kidney to me. A very special friend was considered the best match and August 2005 I had my first transplant.

Unfortunately some things did not go as planned and I had some complications. I had to start Dialysis in February and my body did not tolerate dialysis well. I had to do a longer, slower dialysis called nocturnal. This meant I spent 7 1/2 hours hooked up to a machine three nights a week from 8pm to 430am.

On Feb 24.2008 I received a call at 6:00 in the Morning from Dr Paul Morrissey, transplant surgeon at RIH. There was an organ donor in North Carolina and the hospital was trying to find recipients for his organs. Due to a high antibody count he was a perfect match kidney for me which was a godsend.

I had my second transplant on Feb 26, 2008.

The family who made the choice to donate their son’s organs at such a difficult time was giving me a gift that effects my life everyday. I am now living a normal life where I am back to working a full time job and enjoying every day.

– Lisa P.

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